The Virus & Antidote


It's hard to open up my eyes in the mornin
I don’t cry anymore
I know times get lonely
Ain't no fear in my heart
Crowds is small spaces
Am i way over my head
Am i trippin over my laces
All these different people
But they all got the same faces
Emotion keep on changing
That money sh*t don't phase me
I pray that they don’t hate me
Ima keep on ragin
Ima keep on waitin
Ima keep on

Ima keep on movin on
Even if ain't nobody ridin wit me
It's a lot of hate inside of my city
Try to take my life
You Gona die with me
n*ggas used to roll up and get high me
Smoke a whole quarter 25 penny's
Hallow tips leave em all empty
Head hurt
Palms sweaty
So tired
Eyes heavy
Born to live
Ima die ready

Spin around the block
Just to miss them cops

Back to the trap
If this sh*t don't pop
All black mask if dummy a opp
b*tch facts
Pick up the rocks
I want nothin but peace and some top
How many people can hate me
A lot
How many b*tches wanna date me a lot
I got the moves
Hittin a swerve
I'd hit it again if i wanted to
Shoot a n*gga he cop a deuce
I can't imagine that most of these n*ggas gon tell the truth
What does that money
What i been thinking about
I been thinkin pus*y
And different decisions
And mindin my business
Nd givin forgiveness
Shoot with precision
Roll me a blunt
And I'll know I’ll be great
Ride by myself
I know I’ll be straight
I will be back in a couple of days
These people keep pushin and pushin my buttons
These people keep pushin a n*gga away

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