Rah Swish

"Slide Show"

Nine shots in the Ruger
(A Lau on the beat)

Ain't sh*t they could do with me, I keep a Ruger with me loaded
And I got your boo with me, I make a move and she tote it
No rules in these streets, so I never move with emotion
Don't get it confused, they need the views so they trollin'
If I do the spin thing with the gang gang, we gon' slide like a stroller
And no, it ain't sh*t change, I go insane, lose my top like a soda
Shoot out your membranes 'til the clip bang, then it drop out, reload it
Two-door foreign whip with a foreign b*tch and she come from Novia Scotia

[Verse 1]
I stay with my ace boon queen, Ten-Jack suited, we ain't playin' poker (Woo)
She gotta link, then woo east, gang gang right after I stroke her (Gang, gang)
You better sit back, I think fast, big fact, Gelato pack potent
Plot came gift wrapped, I ordered that, no quarterback, b*tch, we throwin' (Bow)
Offers enough, I got dual repairs
Take over the spot, don't care who in there (Nope)
I slide in and out of the pus*y (Wait)
Like I'm playin' around on computer chairs (Haha)
I need you to be true like that Buddha man (Yup)
Why you takin' pictures? I don't do the Gram (Nope)
Nick Cannon, Doctor Lee
b*tch, you drummin', I could show what to do with bands (Brrt, bah)
My heart cold, no feeling (Nope)
Nine shots roll, more in 'em (Bow)
Play with me, go get 'em (Woo)
Black McLaren, no ceiling (Skrrt)
They can't get the sauce, no sharing (Nah)
Chopper divorce both parents (Split)
We cannot give no chances (Nah)
I got your b*tch slow dancing (Shake it, baby)
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