Rah Swish

"WOO Forever (Remix)"

[Intro: Rah Swish]
(When we posted all we do is body beats)
Nine shots in the Ruger

[Chorus: Rah Swish]
I'm in the Murcielago (Murcielago)
But we doin' hits out the Tahoe (Brrt, baow)
I make her drink from the bottle (Bottle)
We make a move and they follow (Follow, follow, follow)
She wanna f*ck, I know (I know)
I'm in love with my b*tch (What?)
Still got feelings for my side ho (Treesha)
Wanted beef with the gang, I told them n*ggas to sign up (Sign up)
She pickin' and choosin', I told that b*tch make her mind up (Make your mind up)
Look (Look), I got on all the designer (Woo)
We hit 'em up, we sit 'em back, recline 'em

[Verse 1: Rah Swish]
Nine shots, I give these b*tches to drool on me (Drool on me)
I went to school with the tool on me (Got the tool on me, got the tool on me)
I'm with some shooters that shoot for me (Woah)
I pop out, I'm makin' your boo horny (Ha)
She wanna f*ck, she gotta go link the gang first (Go link the gang first)
She callin' me "M" 'cause that's what I told her my name worth (Name worth, name worth)
Look (Look), lost Pop and the pain hurt (Pain hurt)
Tryna stay focused, I drink on this liquor and take Percs (Woo)
Two steppin' (Yup), I hit it first, we don't do seconds (Nope)
Come to the Floss and you knew check in
Clase Azul 'fore the mood set in (Look, look)
I link her once, kiss on her neck, get it too wetter (Mwah, mwah)
He doin' bad, that n*gga a clown, gotta do better (Dummy)
She think she my b*tch, G'd you (G'd you)
No, we don't f*ck with them people (People)
I been outside, 2009, I had it tucked in Evisus (Baow)
She outta line, I'll break her spine, I'll put that b*tch in a fetal (Wait)
When you make them posts, do not compare me, none of these n*ggas my equal (Equal, equal)
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