"Blinding Lights"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, hate to be there when it go down
City's like a ghost town
Hard to see a road out from being homebound
Nights with no sound, head spin like merry-go-rounds
You ain't know? Well, you know now
Crisis talks with dinosaurs, the culture's
Vital signs on life support
We can't open, can't afford to close the doors
Man, ain't the pulse of our cities worth fightin' for?
Yeah, the lifeblood [?] bleeding the night streets
You breathe in the heat, thick air of the live gigs
[?] curb that spirit
And all the high-rise apartments in the world won't fill it
We're more than cash accounts they can strip down for the gold
What's thе point of a city if you rip out its soul?
Tell 'em, "Don't get it misundеrstood"
You miss it now, man, imagine if it's gone good, it's like

I'm blinded by the lights
I'm blinded by the lights

[Verse 2]
'Member when they said we in this sh*t together?
Yeah, we know now, some more than others, I guess
It's a joke how they talk, but you can't deflect that
We the first to shutdown, be the last to get back, yeah
f*ck a product line, can't commodify
Culture ain't just measured by a dollar sigh
I know I'm one of the luckier ones
But a lot of the people I love are strugglin', bruh
Yeah, they shut down the venues, shut down the borders
Shut down the false sense of return to normals
Politicians talkin' like we ain't important
When bushfires hit we did all your job for ya
And still always be the first to help
Last to receive it when in need ourselves, yeah
They dismiss and carry on, put no value in our songs
Turn around, say they miss us when we're gone, like
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