"Covered In Chrome"

[Verse 1: Illy]
They love to tell me "stick to music," I tell 'em "kiss my grits to your bruised lips"
Wicks burn quick when the fuse lit
[?] comes with whole lot of soul, guess the shoe fits
No respect for brute strength, gotta use wits
Switch POVs, 'cause you don't go just walkin' in shoes that's meant for your feet
Don't wanna be too big for my boots and don't wanna preach
Don't wanna put my foot in my mouth whenever I speak
Don't wanna tiptoe round, pus*yfoot to appease
So sit down, listen
Stand up for what you believe in and make difference, yeah
High horses, Lord, seen enough
[?] change in so long it's like the stream been bufferin', so
Get yours, I got mine
Run with it or get stuck in crossfire
Shout out to the haters, baby, love ya long time
But f*ck your DMs, what you sayin' offline, huh?

[Pre-Chorus 1: Illy]
sh*t, what you sayin' offline, huh?
'Cause I'ma put it like this
[?] put it out there, we just don't care
Freeze, put your hands in the air, Hell f*ck yeah

[Chorus: Luke Boerdam & Illy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, sh*t, that's right lil' b*tch
Not many, if any, gon' do it like this

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