I like rappers who gonna say, what they have to say
You know I really like that, he didn't hold nothing, he didn't bite his tongue

[Verse 1]
Gotta go, I gotta get it to flip
Post a picture put it up for the clicks
Name a price, I'm selling low on the kicks

Everybody wanna get it
You with it? I get it 
I sling stuff
Yeah, I keep it in handy
Getting bread
Put it straight in the pantry
Vigilante leave your death fancy
Hang with Billies
While I f*ck on my Mandy

Gotta do it n*gga for my family
Selling hard bars, some stale candy
Gotta save up, make big bank
Don't use a ratchet or clank
Everybody wanna get it

I just write raps get rich
I just right wrongs get lit
If you a b*tch
I'm finna leave you in a ditch
Put the rope to your throat get lynched, b*tch

Yeah, you some sc*m
I put that on gang
You will get hung
I do odd jobs
Got a green thumb
Jack of all trades
Never a bum

You eat up on crumbs
I know where you at
My body is slim but my wallet is fat
I'm hustling hard
Put it all in my card
You will never catch me slippin' 


Drink something to treat my vigor
Came through like I'm GZA
She came through like she SZA
Y'all dropped jaws, like n*gga don't litter

Haggle for the tussle 
With a 30 for the muscle
n*ggas really tryna scuffle
It's sad

Cry yourself a puddle
All you stupid b*tches huddle
I really dont give sh*t
My n*gga I hustle, HUSTLE

(Hustle, Came through with the tussle
Came through with the muscle, now im going all crow
Russel, Rank Zero sh*t
I don't give a damn what y'all n*gga talkin about)

[?] Y'all n*ggas don't know (SWEET)
Yeah, X.T

[Verse 2]
I just bought a car


I just bought a whip for my second


I really love when you broke n*ggas


Lets me know that you came up


Just be a sport hitta
Meet me in the court n*gga
Tryna make 9 figures
Like I play sports n*gga
You already know the game

Not doing this for fame
Only in it for the cash
Don't gotta remember the name

Poison in my brain
Feeling like the Joker, i'm spiraling to insane
I'm the real great dane
Bark Bark: DMX
Came through with the checks
Came through with the flex
XTalik up next

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