Gracy Hopkins

"Smoking Kills"

[Intro: Yakino]
La fantaisie est une motivation
Souvent suivie de perdition
Quand le rêve et la réalité se mélangent
Seule la vérité prend le dessus et forge l'être..

[Verse 1]
I can pull up with choppers and goons
We can extinct the race in the room
I can fall in the cliché you like
Fully loaded clip
Shake that gun to their face, and they won't do sh*t
I can make up a story of me in the hood
How I kill people, how I sell death
How I never answer too kindly to no threat
The latter was true, that ain't no scoop!

Oh no, (yeah, yeah)
The latter was true, chain-smoking MCs
Oh no, (yeah, yeah)
Smoking kills, that's right!
Take another sip then re-up
Walking iceberg, that's frìo
(Giving that poison to my enemies)

[Verse 2]
Let 'em digest
Let 'em digest
Let 'em die fast
Let 'em ask more
Let 'em speak their truth
That is off-key
Let 'em bypass
Man I'm not impressed
Let the auto-tune fool another folk
Let the hottest metal cool another broke n*gga
That's not a real chain, fool
Since I came thru
Haters staying cute
Man I can't lose
Never been a minute since I ended in it when I really doubted bout myself, I just trust me
You really need me, folks, trust me
I'n finna be the winner that I must be
I take a close look to my future
I get those bright eyes, I'm a husky
Avoiding competition but I'm eating your stew
Hail to new school, that's ain't no scoop!

Oh no, yeah, yeah
The latter was true, chain-smoking MCs
Oh no, yeah, yeah
(Smoking kills, that's right!)
Take another sip the re-up
Walking iceberg, that's frìo
Who that n*gga ruling? That's me huh
Oh no, oh no...

The feeling of living with a target on my back
It's always been here, it became a part of my swag
Fill me in, fill me in, gimme info, tell me when
Fill me in, I'll take the shot, I'm a threat...

Oh nooo...
Oh noooooooooo...

LOVE takes TIME to come
I repeat, LOVE takes TIME to come

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