Gracy Hopkins

"Simple (2/7)"

I ain't dropping no new album this year, now that's said
Rapping the future before your people's eyes
My voice will expose your thicker lies
My ideas be so hard to equalize
I ain't really got no filter
That's engineer slang
I'm a building builder, I'm a genius man yeah
Dude's going higher like straight up
Squad breaking rules, I ain't scared though
Never been no game, no Scrabble
Killing competition, biggest part of my schedule
Now don't confuse experience with clout n*gga, I was right there before you came
Healing people despite me
Skinny n*gga, long ****, I'm c*cky
Still a closed book, judge the cover if you get yourself a close look
Said hi, n*ggas looking they like all shook
Take a mic, show them how a real show look
They liars, worst they are all crooks
Get high, reach a level of an ankle
Your entire album: one of my samples
Straight fire that I'm bringing that's a scandal
I stay fly, simple

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