Gracy Hopkins

"Mbata (3/7)"

Tell me:
What is the type of the game you're playing?
Full of nonsense they still paying like whatever the f*ck you're saying
If only you knew what I was up to
It's time to let all your aces come through
It's time to send me friend requests on Facebook
It's time for you to try to be on Gray's good side, wait..
I don't f*ck with you but I'm in a mood
I turned that whole sh*t to my playground
Change your political view when I make beats
Save you, save the world, when I save sounds
Lemme tell you 'bout the story of my life one more time, yeah I'm my own f*cking cosign, n*gga
I don't do frenglish, I just do french, english and a little bit of lingala
And the king gonna show the way to the pupils
Only thing wanted was a way to make a clean dollar
Force à vous, it's not easy to be less strong
Force à vous, mec
You had your moment and I know it's hard to go back
Check le mbata sur les esprits trop faibles, wait
Stay the number uno, uno, f*ck a label that try to shape me
I stay the one never without his pineapple juice, tell Andros to come and f*cking pay me!
(I will tell you more about the pineapple juice later though, like it's already been 1 minute)

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