Gracy Hopkins

"Gracy Hopkins - YOUTH (Freestyle - #REINTRODUCTION 4/7)"

Streets crying more than once every night
An unfortunate event is an habit
Youth supposed to enjoiy their lives, then reminder
Souls leave the ground to go very high
How are we supposed to see while shooting down every light ?
I’m tryna elevate your soul, you try to bury mine ?
I can’t wait until a fake friend is ending me
So I keep my enemies friendly tight
We all have problems
The important thing is not how big
Cause you can always solve ‘em, you’re capable
David just had to believe to make miracles
All my brothers : stand up and change the narrative
Time is money, wake up, to invest is imperative
The bigger you are, the your insecurities get
But fear never go through no security gate
We’re all growing up so our purity fades away
How many of my brothers chasing dirty money ?
f*ck, that street life is really all they got
f*ck, wish I could be bigger just to give ‘em jobs
We be praying for a change, without moving our feet
The thrones awaits, we keep settling for the lowest seats
We be praying for a change, but we keep killing our king
I still can’t believe that Nip dying is actually a thing…

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