Gracy Hopkins

"TIME #0 (7/7)"

[Part 1]
(Rap sucks, rap sucks di*k, I'm in technology, I’m not into rap)
I am not good
I am not talented
I am not gifted
I am not good looking
I am not dope
n*gga I'm great
n*gga I'm perfect
n*gga I’m Gracy
Rhyming with amazing, or flame he's a danger
The hottest of the... wait..
To destroy a weapon, you will need an other weapon n*gga
(Please believe that is under control)
Knew enough without having your props
I am hard, I am huge, I'm expensive
Means I'm either a beast or a rock
(I am everything that you are not)
I'm a missile that's ready to drop
I'm accepting, digesting your shots
J'éxécute le rappeur de ton choix
(I ain’t tryna turn up today)
If you name ain’t God or Gracy...
I do not f*ck with you
[Part 2]
In the skyline, you can perceive my name
Check my ID, so you could see the second one is Flame
Don't you know I’m untouchable, didn't your mama told you not to play with fire?
So get lost, boi
The sauce is so hot, I don't even do it on purpose
I turn impossible to possible, I assure this
I be the lion eating founders of this circus
I am the remedy to Ebola and Herpes
They are the ones coming with hypothesis, pretty phrases
I turn a theory to science that is certain
It's called believing in yourself in a point, that your mind is giving you the skill to move the highest mountain
Willing to die for the causes that I’m fighting for
Important matters right in front of us we keep ignoring
The devil's charming right? Heaven just looks annoying
You know the most about Illuminati, horns are showing
Seeking the darkness before the light, obvious order
I'm sure you flush then wipe your ass before you take a sh*t
Just keep praying, make that dough, and stop skipping steps
Y'all are collecting heavy curses without even knowing
Your halos stopped glowing, your egos start growing
When you waste time, you cannot buy it back
Yeah, speaking about TIME if you ask me
My definition of it will be given next week
See you then. On the seventh day

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