Gracy Hopkins

"Honest (6/7)"

There are days when I don't have a lot to say
I just wanna get drowned in that...
Never judge a being by its wardrobe
T'as tendance à penser qu'elle est si propre quand elle en porte trop
No prejudice though, I haven't count my bodies for a while
Broke a lot of hearts, but never let 'em believe in a lie
Truth is a sword that is healing and deceiving a lot?
My apologies, you loved me and I didn't
You were left to face it, know I didn't meet your exceptations, that's the fate, it's more than unconvienent, final destination, I'm no big loss, you will find the best, be patient, please
My Twitter was full of hungry birds
Receiving lip-synced loops and they knew all the words
Damn it feels good to be an artist
You think that's why I can't settle down?
Am I a cliché? Is that the way you see me now?I haven't count my bodies for a while
You still want the vitamin, so maybe we can sort it out
No you're not a hoe cause if you are then what that what the f*ck am I?
Can't nobody I never was honest
My apologies

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