Gracy Hopkins

"Gossip (5/7)"

I don't like Instagram
I don’t like rap music
I don't like lightskin girls
I don't like curly hair chicks
Do I look funny lil b*tch?
Ok I might have lied on one thing or two
My queen is from East Africa
Darkskin n*gga lookin’ so kenyan
The way he comes with the stamina (fly)
Only thing I wanna correct, is that you prolly could grow if you took care of your ass
Hella impatient, and all about gossips
Obviously, there's no privacy
And I don't want a label to bother me
I'm the realest, the others are counterfeit
Hidden villain be the biggest part of me
I'm staying undefeated, yeah..
It's more than enough for this time
I'm a trend n*gga
I'm a trend n*gga
I’m off the mothaf*cking chain n*gga
I’m a trendsetter yup yup
I don't like frenchies rapping in english
I don’t like VVs, I don't like PCs
I don't like Krisy

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