Gracy Hopkins


Just got out of an interview, me talking bring the best out
I'm finally in peace with myself, writing that verse next to my ex's house
Peep what I'm on to send
Hit you with the most simple words ever, but the world stays deaf, A B C, still hard to understand, right?
I'm mad at you, yo that ain't that hard to get
Never been underrated, I just didn't slap your dirty face enough
Roots from Angola to France, better tell you it's bout to go down and up
Seduce all your b*tches you're loving, then f*ck 'em so hard till they all in love
I'm mad at you, y'all STDs
I'm about to be your biggest problem, like a curly hair chick in West-Indies
Just give me the worst title, I'll still come out as an MVP
With all your reverse psycho, you're blocking me out cause you envy me, b*tch
J'ai le seum de vous, jeune adepte de la free-lance
Fais ta prod, j'te la kill en scred, rappe pendant mille ans, c'est pire que de la finance, c'est trop de valeur
Je suis seul, vous êtes cent
J'baise les règles du jeu que t'aimes tant
Laisse ta main dans le vent, je suis méchant
Je peux pas toucher aux rats ou aux cafards
No big move to put 'em out
I'm chill, but they f*cked with the wrong saint
Don't know how to fake, you can read on my face all the things and the thoughts that I don't say
J'porte le game du bout des doigts
Faut plus de lourdeur pour avancer
Dans le futur en anglais ou pas, j'reste l'équation qu'est trop compliqué pour l'rap français
J'ai le seum de vous, merde
I'm mad at you, wait
My old friends tryna come back but I'm not interested in eating my vomit
That's gross, j'ai pas tellement peur d'finir seul dans ma vie
But I'm a nympho, tell me f*ck 'em all, you can just swallow my di*k
J'rappe pas en français!

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