Hella Sketchy

"Lay Low"

[Intro: Yung Bambi]
ZT on the beat!

[Hook: Mace Lee]
We see money when we see those opps
b*tch you trippin' you ain’t seeing no knots
Only green we ain’t seeing no stop
With the team we don’t need no thot
Pipe a b*tch and then I lay low
Making movies, ain’t no cable
b*tch I’m bent like an angle
She wanna give me top like a dreidel
Tell her that’s okay, but I don’t want a label

[Verse 1: Mace Lee]
Got a honey who help me count guap
She low-key and she down nonstop
Don’t trust nobody if they don’t know your lingo
Keep a small circle no I don’t intermingle
Tats on my body I don’t care if that ink show
I'ma stay 100 and it’s facts ain’t no Kinko’s
It’s a fire sale if you ever want some free smoke
ZT on the beat run it back and then go beast mode
Flexing all that ice
It’s just a knick-knack
Pop an Addy
Pop it like a Tic Tac
She ain’t the one
Tinder must’ve mismatched
Aye man, just come and get your b*tch back
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