Tiffany Calver Freestyle PT. 2 lyrics



[Freestyle 2: Fredo]

Big Tom Ford Suits, meant for a boss
We put the [coke] in the benz, and then we send it to wash
My n*gga Woo said that's feds up at the end of the block, I got it on me right now with no intention to stop
Big Ark said chill bro, you're spending a lot, but the gang can't name one [skeng] that Fred didn't cop
Man I'm about to go hard with no intention to stop, cause if [?} never had pebs, then he sent me his shots
Billy comes home, and goes back to the bin, I swear it's like jail is where he actually lives
And freedom is just something that he has for a bit, it sounds cold but that's how my n*ggas actually live
I used to be the one trapped in the bin, now its just VS1 trapped in my rings
When I was young, I hit the trap with a wish, and now I'm grown spitting facts here with Tiff
Now you ain't gotta like me, but you have to respect me
I didn't want the Rollie, so they had to Patek me
I stay with gorillas, but it's straps that protect me
If I'm PG then you have to [?}
But if you're a bad b*tch then i'm glad that you met me, yo this is my whip no it hasn't been rented
Why them n*ggas still p*ssed cause we [stabbed] up their bredrins, done a lot of real sh*t it just hasn't been mentioned
Check it, I give my little n*ggas [waps] cause I love em lots
I swear I've cooked packs in a hundred pots
Big dog, but I used to be the underdog
We turning up or my n*ggas turning something off
And we don't want no fake love, we don't want no fake hugs seen too many done change up they must have had on makeup
Them youts come around to my field with their shavers, then two days later somethings [?} on the papers
Big [?] on the face made a mess of the watch, caught an opp on the mains made a mess of his top
No, I don't finesse plugs if it ain't less than a box, cause doing man for half bricks is more stress than it costs
Yo we used to get the [?] and take the sex to the block, now I'm [?] in the Shard having sex at the top
Shout my young n*gga LD cause he's next on the block, just give it a sec and you'll be blessed with a lot
When I [poked] up my man I left him to [rot], when I run in my mans trap, I left with a box
When my my man pulled up i'm like "Is this brudda lost?" so we opened his car door and left with his watch
Man there really ain't no telling who's next to get [shot], so when I'm standing up out here I'm next to a [Glock]
It could be them or us, it could be us or them, them n*ggas changed on me so I just trust my [skeng]
Yo, them n*ggas know Fred man I got drip like a shower, I started this sh*t here from whipping for hours
Yeah your n*ggas say they're greazy, but my n*ggas are fouler, on tour with a [4.4] and Tiffany Calver
And way before rap yo I was fending for me, yeah I bought all of my [waps] no they weren't lending to me
I just left the doctors he said I got spending disease, side-effects is people thinking all my Fendis for free
Stay away from the shops, or you'll never get better, I was young all alone and I never got letters
It was raining and cold when he got left in a stretcher, but that's cause my bros are down whatever the weather
No I won't come back, don't be begging me back, only thing I like people begging me for is packs
Yeah my dad ain't been around, now he's begging for racks?
So when I see this n*gga out, imma give him a slap
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