[Verse 1 Brandon]
G-train on the weekend, speed up or slow down
Gathering gathering, get off this train, or your gonna go back uptown
G-train on the weekend, there's no way out
Travelin' travelin' , it's 2 am, though I'd be home by now
[Pre-Chorus Brandon (Nick)]
What am I doin' this for? Followed you to your door, I should have already known, to get goin' (nah nah)
[Chorus harmonized]
Love I gotta warn you, startin' to catch onto, would you make me go through? (Get goin' or I'm gone)
I've been losin' patience, your mind is always changin' , beggin' for the wait yeah (Get goin' or I'm gone forever)
[Outro Harmonized]
I won't, I won't wait here
I won't, I won't wait here~

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