"Almighty Black Dollar"

[Intro: Jeezy]
(J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

[Chorus: Jeezy]
All this Fendi and Gucci is goofy
LV cancelled, you tell 'em to sue me
Rolex, AP, ain't sh*t, y'all follow
Need that, need us
Almighty Black dollar
f*ck them bottles ain’t Puff, it ain’t Jay’s
Ciroc, D'USSÉ, Bellaire, let's get paid

Rolls Royce, Bentley, ain't sh*t, y'all fell off
Need that, need us
Almighty Black dollar

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Gucci don't like Black people
In my Boosie Badazz voice

Every young ghetto n*gga dream
Brand new black Rolls Royce (Yeah)
Baby mama live in them projects
Baby wearin' brand new shoes (Shoes)
Still tryna find a way
Daddy ain't leave no clues (Ooh)
Dawg still doin' that timе
Then say, "f*ck them feds" (Fеds)
A n*gga gon' get delayed (Boom)
Or he gon' get my bread (Yeah)
I ain't really got no credit but a n*gga keep that cash (Hey)
Told 'em pre-Covid 19 (Teen)
Young n*gga kept that mask (Let's go)
Designer, designer, I can't even spell it (Yeah)
Went broke just to wear it, you can even tell it
Jesus piece, I ain't prayed one time today (Hey)
But f*ck it I'm ballin', what else can I say?
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