"Shinjuku Noir"

[Verse 1: Kamiyada+]
Yuh, aye, aye (Danny I see you)
This ain't this, and this ain't that (Uh-huh)
You talkin' "It get better" (huh)
My n*gga's gon' pull up leave you dead within a flash (Uh-huh)
Run up in yo' sh*t, I'm going straight up for that stash (Uh-huh)
Yeah I'm with that disrespec' and now your sh*t is up for grabs (Uh-huh)
I move like I'm great (Huh)
Sorry for the wait (Huh)
n*ggas talkin' down until these pus*y n*ggas scrape (Huh)
n*ggas talkin' down, I put a n*gga in the grave (Yuh)
When it come to cash I do whatever that it takes (Huh)
Oh that's your b*tch? I guess I f*cked her by mistake (Yuh)
I delete the evidence, I dropped it in a lake (Huh)
Feel like CSI the way they gon' investigate ya
Life is what you make (Huh)
Your life what I take
Yuh, yuh, b*tch

[Verse 2: TYOSiN]
[Needs Japanese transcription]

[Verse 3: Original God]
Jets way
Your b*tch gave me neck (aye)
OG Emo boku wa gashadokuro desu ne
Now what do you want hoe?
Your ash is in my blunt though
I'm a demon with the halo you is just a grunt yo
[?] and we got it
Shawty number in my pocket
[?] when I stomp it
Cheaper kush yeah if you oppin'
And just 'cause they on it they think that they know us and poppin'
Like haha, you ain't know sh*t
Call me a lick but now look who's the b*tch
I'm f*ckin on [?] she suck on my Rubix
And then hit the plug asking [?]

[Verse 4: Yung Xela]
n*ggas, n*ggas in Japan we countin' yen with yangs (Word)
Shoot and never miss even if sh*t gets blurred
Smokin' gas on mid I mix this [?] when I roll up
My momma's are diamond my soul like Steve I gotta go up
We sippin' [?] I pulled up and now I'm gone
Ain't f*ckin' with b*tches 'cause b*tches know that they be wrong
I work with the work n*gga and I'm smokin' out the bong
At DNT mixer and now my n*ggas f*ckin' gone (Midnight)

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