"​the movies (ft. Charli Adams)"

[Verse 1: Jonathan Capeci]
Talked until you fell asleep
Now I'm driving home on dopamine
My brain is in the back seat
And my heart's in drive

[Pre-Chorus: Jonathan Capeci]
I'm holding onto every word you said
Don't take it back, no

[Chorus: Jonathan Capeci]
Don't stop, baby, don't tell me that it's over
I can't take it, I'm shaking on the sofa
You know there's nothing like you and I together
'Cause when we touch, something in it moves me
I swear to God, it feels just like the movies
(Feels just like the movies, oh, it feels just like the movies)

[Verse 2: Charli Adams]
Almost called a hundred times
But I'm worried that I'll keep falling behind
I don't know why I always run and hide
What if it's wrong, baby, what if it's right?
What if it's love, God, I can't take say goodbye
Don't take it back now
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