[Chorus: Thouxanbanfauni]
Different time, different places
What's the big fuss? (Huh?)
All the hoes I f*cked is hoes we f*cked
All the hoes I f*cked is hoes we f*cked
All the hoes I f*cked is hoes we f*cked
We just want friends, we just want hoes
And we just want opps to get 'em smoked (Buh)
Buddy want bands, show him the ropes
Get her coffee, get her coke (Racks, racks, racks)
Booted up, booted up off of the dope (Woo)
Baby girl booted up off of the dope
Give me that head sloppy and slow
Sippin' on mud, sippin' it slow

[Verse 1: Thouxanbanfauni]
[?] (For real)
n*ggas be mad so we keepin' the beam
n*ggas be mad so I'm keepin' the scope (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
n*ggas be mad so I'm keepin the pole
I got some money that's new and old (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
I got b*tches, they new and old (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
I got straps that's on go (Grrah-grrah-grrah)
[?] some new, one old
All of these n*ggas hate my soul (Woo)
These b*tches get hit one time and then these hoes be hatin' your soul (f*ck)
Don't f*ck with that n*gga, don't f*ck with his brother
Don't f*ck with his plug, no, no, no
I will guarantee you this, I carry me a bag and that's for sure
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