Lil Boom


(Japanese ad-libs)
Lil Boom

[Verse 1]
Main b*tch 60
Milf b*tch with me
Wrist game cleanin'
I ain't take a swiffer
Thirty-three b*tches
Lil Boom pimpin'
When I drop the ceilin'
Yo ho missin'
Purple drinks wit' no codeine
Lil Brick be a money fiend
Vote on me for MVP
Still gon' watch that Elsa Jean

[Verse 2]

Sailor Moon, no sailing team
Lil Brick B Jay Gang Three
Can't check out the deli, the way I'm stacking this cheese
Plug after he scale it, he sendin' it straight to me
Who the f*ck is he
Can't tell me, about me
Not a vegan but I'm countin' on this green
Smokin' on this gas, broccoli
I'm feeling like Maka, I'm hangin' with Soul
I feel like Killua I'm coolin' with Gon
I walk with the Glock like all on patrol
And your b*tch is a thot I know it, I know
Flexing so hard, needa' Bowflex
She hit my phone but I don't text
Stay down with my dogs, Johnny don't Test
Smokin' on gas, n*gga no stress


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