Lil Boom

"At War With My Demons*"

Lyrics from snippet

Uh, uh
Ayy, yeah
Ayy, ayy, yeah
Ayy, yeah, ayy, look

f*cked an old b*tch, man, I think that b*tch my tutor
I just f*cked a cancer patient, man, I think she got a tumor
I just shot that n*gga dead, I left his body in the sewer
Man, this b*tch ain't let me f*ck, I swear to God I had to spoon her
I just shot this f*ckin' n*gga, wrapped his body in some bubble wrap
[?] just sucked my f*ckin' di*k up on my Insta she hit double tap
Big Glock up on my hip, this ain't a taser b*tch, it don't zap
b*tch, I'm posted on a suite at the top, like my n*gga Zack
I just got 50 bands in my JanSport backpack
b*tch, I got that SRT but now I'm tryna bring a Scat Pack
Yo' b*tch slurpin' on my meat, it's like a motherf*ckin' snack pack
You's a motherf*ckin' clown, n*gga, and I got the last laugh
Yo' b*tch suckin' on my di*k in sixth grade when I was in math class
Got a bad ass b*tch, super thick, look like Bubble Bass
If I fumble up the pack, I get it back, I'm on thе double dash
I'ma skin that n*gga body, wrap him up just like a mummy wrap
Oh, you say that that's your b*tch? Why that ho' 93?
Why that b*tch suck my di*k while shе chewin' on her knee?
I just robbed an old n*gga for a thirty inch TV
f*ckin' on your b*tch and I [?]
b*tch thick ass b*tch, she's just built like the letter R
This b*tch got no whip, she can't get in my f*ckin' car
Make a wish on my di*k real quick like a f*ckin' star
This b*tch sucked my di*k while I'm driving, let me put it in park
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