Lil Boom

"Fire Force*"

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Yeah, ayy
(BennWaiting on the beat)

[Verse 1]
With the sh*t, n*gga, like I'm in the fire force (Yeah)
Sucked my di*k so long, I told the b*tch it's getting moist (Moist)
Need an award for this sh*t, n*gga, like People's Choice (Choice)
She asked me why I never cuss, 'cause this my Christian voice (b*tch)
Go get that bag then put half in a safe (Safe)
Put half in the bank then I tell the clerk "Thanks" (Thanks)
And I'm savin' up my money 'cause I'm tryna buy a tank (Boom, boom, boom)
Now she tryna let me f*ck, two years ago was a debate (Hahaha)
I go get the cash and then I go flip it (Yeah)
You n*ggas be hating, but I don't really give a f*ck (Damn)
I met a plug, the n*gga name Morpheus (Morpheus)
Smokin' on gas and it got me thunderstruck
Who is you? (Who?) What do you claim? (What?)
What is yo' name, b*tch? Why you in my lane?
Why you got some sh*t to say every time you speak my name? (pus*y)
Why you tryna save that ho', boy? She ain't Mary Jane (Haha)
[?] chapo, n*gga, and we ain't on no planes (Choppa)
We in the field with slaves and they pickin' rice grains (Woo)
She wanna let me f*ck, she don't even know my first name (Damn)
I'm in your presence now, be glad that I came (b*tch)
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