Requiem for a Daydream lyrics



Requiem for a daydream
Hip hop junkie, straight fiend, never stay clean
They threatened me with state greens ‘til I went to college and
Got a B.A. when I started playing for the A-Team
Hey, yeah, that’s right. I defy the odds
Spit some fire to expire your entire squad
Nah, you can’t retire from this kind of job
The booth is a confessional–why you tryna lie to God?
Uh! Exposing true lies in due time
Treat ‘em like Frank Vincent tryna get his shoe shined
Don’t ask me about heart–I’ll show and prove mine
Tandem skydiving through my mind, b*tch, I’m too fly
Run through life with some customized-assed [?]. Me and
Liquor can’t mingle. Ain’t trying to get stuck
In the can like my hand when it’s trying to grab the last Pringle
Ha! It’s all jokes until it isn’t
From out the frying pan, thrown into the blizzard
We are sold a golden image that is so below the limit that
My kinfolk gotta limbo their soul to go and get it now
Stepping on the throttle towards a bottleneck
A lot left in the neck of the bottle I ain’t swallow yet
Been putting in that legwork–check the quadriceps
See, only God is def, He gotta catch me if wan’ test
But smoking on these phillies just to chill me out
Hand up the front of some young feely’s blouse
sh*t, they could kill me now if I can’t
Spend my summertime in the sun behind BIlly’s house
Back in better days, I would scrub up hella change
Held the flame to the cellophane–now watch it melt away
Hurting badly, only had myself to blame
So the hermit crab is just coming out his shelter day
With that new sound to keep your crew bouncing
Swimming through youth’s fountain since the early 2000s
I’ve prepared for the game, but you doubting. Call him
[?] the way that it moves mountains
Smell the blunted trees up in the summer breeze
Bumblebees looking for the honey between some honey’s knees
Motherf*cker, please. Tumbled out the ugly trees
Still left her Under Siege like Seagal in a submarine
Ain’t as bad as he think he is
But he stay fly even if his wings are clipped
Captain of a sinking ship. sh*t, the way
I swing and miss is f*cking with my dreams like an incubus
In an ink abyss with all sorts of drugs
Never caught the corporate buzz, I did it for the love
Plus too busy smoking quarters of imported bud
And articulating exactly who it is I thought I was
Ha! That’s that little brother, bottom bunk
Dark liquor got him drunk. Give it all, it’s not enough
Fonz with his collar up. Pass it if you got the blunt
When the music says, “Go and pop the trunk,” I’d rather posse up
Brought your squad back to battle me
But you don’t want that. I’m gonna smack this cavalry
Can’t get beyond that mentality. I was raised off
Of Street Fighter combos and Mortal Kombat fatalities
And reality’s been my bitter rival
Told me to lighten up like some vitiligo
Been feeling this way for a little while. Man, it hurts
It’s an Amber Alert, I’m missing my inner child
Just a big kid on a minibus
Having a little trouble with the giddy-up
sh*tty luck, trying to get down with a pick-me-up
Philly blunt. sh*t, boy, we ain’t chilled in months
And I no longer have that mask on
Just transformed into a past form
Got some sh*t on my chest like German scat porn
Mad wrong, and I’m trying to get it off before the last song, I’m
Sick of the little games, I know it’s a different day
But still got these little pieces of my soul to give away, I
Still regret all of the things that I didn’t say
When life gives you lemons, turn that bitter pain to Minute Maid
Whether it’s hot flame or blizzard, if that
Road ain’t Yellow Brick, you cannot blame the Wizard
I would not say I’m bitter. I just don’t listen, son
Used to make finger-guns during Rock, Paper, Scissors, but
Being a rebel scarred the boy and left his heart destroyed
Sparking joints, trying to brighten up the darkest void
Bouncing back like Arkanoid, prepare for ultimate
War like it’s my G.I. Joes versus my Marvel toys
The sh*t on my mind would leave my spine crippled
That’s why I’m clear and to-the-point just like an icicle
Trying to solve time’s riddle since I”m little, lights brittle
But it’s bright enough to shine through the night’s middle
I blaze Swishers, tryna vibrate with ya
Straight-shooter, HIgh Plains Drifter. Why chase liquor?
One of my time’s great thinkers, twenty-five straight [?]
Getting over all these f*ckers, no right-lane blinker
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