The Meadow lyrics


Nickel Creek

[Verse 1: Chris Thile Sean Watkins (Sara Watkins)]
I saw her
She saw me
She ordered
A cup of coffee

And then to my surprise
We get lost sometimes
(And want finding)

She brought it over
So I brought up work and family
Tried to keep it between the lines
We read between the lines
(And start drifting)

I come to
Face up in the meadow
Her sweet smile
Barely hovering over mine
We get found sometimes
(And stop thinking)

Words fail us
Will gravity follow?
Oh it's been a long long time
[Verse 2: Chris Thile Sean Watkins (Sara Watkins)]
Since I last
Drifted through the meadow

With somеone wondering
What if I werе yours and you were mine?
We grow young sometimes
(And forget everything)

Would we shine brighter
In a brighter star's shadow
Or get lost in it's blinding light
Like the true love we could leave behind?
What if we left true love behind
(To keep drifting?)
And the next time I saw her
She didn't see me

[Outro: Chris Thile, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins]
But I hear her
Calling from the meadow
Meet me in the meadow
I'll see you in the meadow
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