Cass McCombs

"Summer All Over"

Look, it's not gonna rain again
Winter, winter is over
It's summer all over the world

June, the color burned away
And now the old gloom hardly knows her
It's summer all over the world

No movement
No future
No past
How long do you think it'll last?

Looking for water
Looking for shade
And there's only sunblock and beers
Surf is up
And the fish are flopping
And everyone will soon be here

Looking for laughter
Looking for kindness
Looking for goodness
For goodness
For goodness sakes
To suffer the fools we make

Look again
‘Tis the season
The people on the street
Couldn't be colder
It's summer
All over
Summer all over the world
Summer all over the world
Summer all over the world
But baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

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