Neon Kitchen II (PRESENTED IN Hi-Fi) lyrics



Now a days every girl wanna yap
Like they got something to say
But nothing comes out
When I squeeze them tits
Stupid ass b*tch
Open up your legs
And put your lead in this
Ooh yeah thats the pencil
Hope you don't c*m on my instrumental
Cause I like girls, who like girls
Who like men, no white girls just asian
Alright then

Anywho back to the topic
Just to the other day I was hopping in a mosh pit
And some important n*gga got a face full of armpit
Good thing I always apply speed stick cheap and effective like weed is
One puff im the butthead to your beavis, The Oprah Winfrey
To your little white boy who's traumatized because he got f*cked by his teacher who also happens to be a catholic preacher
Oow ain't that amazing almost as shocking
When I found out Bill O'reily was a dense ass racist

Any who back to the statement
Always on the go I never get complacent
So when I get of you you better move or get a new face quick
Cause Devon ain't having it
Kill off republicans stab em in the face
Some OJ sh*t white bronco with the old school tip
With a white girl like im OJ b*tch now suck on this
Fiona apple n*gga cut your wrist
Young black guap as f*ck
Giving these fat hoes a tummy tuck b*tch
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