"Been Knew"

Been Knew

Verse 1 (Marco Blond$)

Why you trynna hold me back
Let a young n*gga get this bread
And make it stack
I’ll be back bih
Why you waiting on me like that
With that silky lingerie
Open legs for me
Give me backy

Bad trip
Love sex and drugs
With bad habits
Turned me to a demon
Thank God I left that life quick
Right click
With a lot of options
Just to hit a lick
If I stay jiggy like this
I’ll be stupid rich
Did enough damage
In this b*tch
With the right click
Click clack
Cops swarming
Cause they got my phone tapped
Tap water
That’s what I drink
From your older daughter
Household slaughtered
I done f*cked all the daughters sh*t
I’m a thirsty motherf*cker
But I didn’t f*ck the mother
Story so sick
They might say that this some horror sh*t
Stop blowing my phone
With those advises
I’m not in a crisis
Smoke some lalalala
Hit the gas
The car go Prapapa


Dead ass
Some n*ggas been telling me
That I’m one of the best
Uh been knew

Late text
Always safe
And never sorry
To avoid that
Been knew

Where’s the cash
Love won’t get me
M’s in the bank and that
Been knew

I knew
He knew
She knew
Uh we knew

Verse 2 (Ricoferryra)

Sucking the Pu
Shoutout my tongue
I cannot stress
n*ggas be dipping a n*gga on case
b*tches be flipping a n*gga with race

Uhh uhh

Back with the drip
Maison Margiela
On par with the suit
Prada be hooking with loot
Hitting my Bish now she call me a brute

I cannot be
The n*gga with bottles and racks on low
I Ja want be
The n*gga with knowledge in college and hoes on the low
f*cking that bish
She be on the top and on the low
f*cking her mo
Screaming my name like she owe a blow
I came in her hard
Like a dog
She be on fo

Being the greatest to ever just do it
I f*ck with the checks
Shoutout markito we heating the spot with a bang
Back in my hood now I’m spitting the slang
Shmoking a n*gga with my only gang
Missing the days That we f*cked with the Golf wang
Gave her my soul now she gimme pu tang



Never say I told you so
If I been knew
I knew that it was a mistake
Take risks
If the chance is not there fool
Or you’ll never eat the cake

I knew
He knew
She knew
We knew

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