"I Love You But I’ve Chosen Me - Part I: Bicker Man"

[Verse 1]
We’ve been butting our heads until there is nothing left
Flumpity Dumpty, we cracked each others eggs
We just talk of disrespect
And unconsidered blood and stomach and leg
Swell and overspill and pungent sweat
We want to sing song like wicker man
But instead we just bicker, man
And I planned something better in my head
But we traveled the world to argue 'bout how something was said

We have each other’s backs
We both have backs
Is it constructive criticism
Or just a form of attack?
It’s all push and pull
Conversations on tension
There’s more baggage than our gear
We try to keep it unmentioned

[Verse 2]
Oh the shows, the sights, the elation
So quickly met with a negation
The self hatred I tried to better direct
There’s a rug you pull that resets my head
And I have tried to have some pride
But it is so hard with you by my side
You like to remind me who I am
And as I try to build a better life you nay-say my plans
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