"Yuppie Gloup"

Water mix of meat to wash my feet
p*ss wrapped sc*m, pig, duck and plum
A fine soup, a yuppies gloup
In the cave keeping the company of flies
Greasing their hands, land on my lip
Buzz back to the bodies in piles
Greasing their hands, land on my lip
Buzz back bodies doubled in size
Swilled together forever
Fished out of the hole
You are in a new form, coagulated and cold
Fill the bin to the brim, I noticed the sh*t
Undo the knot, land on my lip
Before they buzz off, you start to cough
The steam is stuck, the muck now rock
Meat water bellows out the sides
Piles of bodies, doubled in size
You feel ashamed
You mop the floor
You mop the floor
You mop the floor
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