"Deep Down I’m Really Mark Smith"

Some lines, oh, why did I write
I have to repeat them night after night
Some lines, oh, why did I write
I have to repeat them night after night

[Verse 1]
Yes you can tell me I control my life
But I feel humbled and I feel obliged
I miss not caring if what I make is good
And I miss the unproductive bullsh*t I love
And I miss my friends even more
Because I'm scared we aren’t friends anymore

Congrats to me for coming so far
Me rushing round Britain with a guitar
Making love to myself
How could I call it anything else?
I ruminate on the cognitive space
Where all contemplation is going it waste
Revolve through a cycle, a figure of eight
I think about thinking about me
I know I am trying too hard
Always publicly trying too hard
I want to be cool and effortless
But every little thing is so much effort
I wonder what you think
The royal you
The chosen few
I wonder how I cause these stinks
To act natural is to be vulnerable
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