Bloom lyrics


Adrianne Lenker

Don't let it go
You know that the real thing's coming in slow
You know everything that you need to know
Don't push it away

Feel for the spark
Caught in quarantine like a kid in the dark
Honey 21 and a walk in the park
You're growing up fast

Don't let it pass
Howl to the hills and your worry won't last
Baby when you hurry all the wilderness fast fades
How long can you hide away from your memories?
You're burning up [?]
You're sleeping in the fire escape

And oh how you spin
You had it in a hold and you lost it again
You couldn't really say where the hell you had been
Or where you are now
How weighed and how fair
Riding in the front seat chasing the air
Following Duluth down the length of your stare
Down to the teeth
Oh you can keep
You gotta hold everything you can feel
You gotta know when I tell you it's real, it's real
It's really just imitation
A child's fixation
The endless fascination for the roast
But baby it's a thorn
That keeps us on our toes
I guess we'll always bloom and close
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