Shane Eagle

"Ap3x (remastered)"

[Intro: Bas & Shane Eagle]
We used to wanna be ourselves, we don't
It’s Bas (Ahh, Jeez)

[Verse 1: Bas & Shane Eagle]
If I go there, they know me
I'm cozy in Jozi
Got flown from Nairobi
I roll with the homies, they holdin' the .40 but hosin’ your dome
Shawty, she dome me, a long way from home
Runnin' 'round S.A., that's day after day, but I'm all the way up
n*gga, you think I'm Norway, the bully at Broadway
I pull up that bullet gon' "Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo"
Yeah, my eyelids are slippin' (Slippin’)
’N' don’t I look like a couple million dollars
I'm in position, yeah, Bas, he ascendin'
I hand out the sentence
But I never trust a b*tch enough to judge her
I seen a couple pictures of her mother, the future is bright
Find out tonight if the lottery hit
Holler the squad, comin' off of the hip
Tired of you n*ggas, I fly there to Mars
The offer is lit, got no time for you n*ggas
Believe me, your b*tch, she negotiate
I offer her di*k, only time that she see me when I’m in her mouth
Or when I'm on her TV, a plate of sashimi, a side of the seaweed I'm high off a freebie, my plug is a fan
b*tch 'bout to blow like I plugged in the Phantom (Wait, Jeez)
n*ggas wanna sound like me
But they can't sound like me
'Cause they can't find my key (Nah)
And I get high for free (Yeah)
And I live life so free (Yeah)
And I'm prime time, don't sleep (Uh-huh)
n*ggas tryna sound like me (Uh-huh)

[Interlude: Shane Eagle]
I feel like I'm the chosen one
You want favors, but I owe you none
I'm high, I'm high
It's time, It's time

[Verse 2: Shane Eagle]
They say that rap died, I'm here to revive it, n*gga (n*gga)
My stars are aligned and half of the time I'm half of they age
Surpassing their prime, guess pressure makes diamonds, n*gga
Eagle is straight out of Africa (Straight)
I landed in Brooklyn no passengers
I'm with the 'Ville, I'm with Bassy
When I'm in Queens, know he got me
n*ggas wanna sound like me, get the f*ck off my nuts please
I jumped out the stage and jumped on a plane
And flew me to Amsterdam just to smoke blunts
Shout to Sanchi, when I land in Lagos, she know that we up
We f*ckin' 'em up, I'm all the way up
I cut all my hoes, I'm losing more friends (Woo)
I'm ducking the trends (Woo, woo)
I'm making more M's
I'm better than them on my worst day
di*k in her mouth on the first day
Unfollow me, but she searching it (Search)
These hoes want me more when I'm curving it
To my young n*ggas, it's almost the year 2020
You f*ck with these labels, they dip with your pennies
And you made no cents
They put it in past, we live in the future, I really don't get it (Get it)
I gave y'all the jewels, it's probably the reason they cursing me (Curse)
I can't give a f*ck about you, my n*gga, when I know the ghost is just hurting me (Woo, woo, woo, woo)

[Chorus/Outro: Shane Eagle]
n*ggas wanna sound like me
But they can't get it for free
Still got a pound at my suite
Demons talking to me in my sleep
n*gga went down in the beat
Stuck in the belly of the beast
n*ggas wanna down for the peak
I'm at the peak but a young n*gga came from the street
n*ggas wanna sound like me

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