South Park Mexican

"The Dopest (Screwed)"

Mur-mur-murderer, beat your ass purpler
Than a dude who took a momma joke personal
First of all, don't forget the word you called
Me and my circle, dog, bridges you've burned them all
Deserved to fall and I'm not cursing y'all
I'll spray down your ride as you creep down Kuykendahl
My verse is raw, on these streets you need to learn the law
The only thing you *gunshot* is the wall when you j*rking off
f*ck what you heard is all, as my 'burban crawl
Do a show a night with Grimm and then I go to church with Paula
I hurt Ma cause she knows I play dirty ball
Step to me, that is not reversible

Oh please believe
No one in the game can see S P (okay)
It's obvious that he
Is the D O P (yuh) E S T

I pull up and make 'em push up Tulips
Low G's from Honduras and I was made from computers
I SCUBAs with Barracudas up in San Lucas
Known to shoot up cribs, you can call us party poopers
My Ruger's is special built for b*tches and hoes
If you got a funny mouth, you better spit to me slow
I don't play much, you mad cause your b*tch want to rape us
My gun sweeps like the Rockets did the Lakers to make us Twoston
We chopped up, now we Screwston
My 22's spin on a candy blue Schwinn
Blast my nina, make my girl pump the gasolina
From Pasadena to my homies up in Atascocita
Can't believe a word these f*cking gossiper's say
Sippin margaritas up in Casa Olé
Now I'm locked, in a way my office today
Is a cell about as big as a closet I'd say
It's an impossible stay but I'm stronger than they
Ever thought I would be, come up in the Garza estate
They offered to make just cause he sharpened a shank
This motherf*ckers head's goin' hard in the paint

Oh please believe
No one in the game can see S P
It's obvious that he (S P baby)
Is the D O P E S T

I'm momentous at the club with the Empress
Been shipped to more farms than Eckridge
I treat rappers like contestants
Okay, the questions in this game show are
One: Who are the Mexicans?
Number two: Why should you not test them?
And anyone who does, God bless 'em
Okay Mr. Williams, you're first
I'll take number two for a whore's purse
I believe that the answer is "What is banana clips that'll blast a b*tch?
They got packages full of coke and grass
Whether slow or fast, they'll f*ckin' smoke your ass."
That's correct, congratulations you may go again
Okay, I'll take number one for a stolen Benz
"The Mexicans are the Aztec Indians
We pay 'em peanuts and they make our country billions
They sell our drugs and then when they make it big
We arrest 'em, take their sh*t, and throw 'em in the pen."
That's correct Mr. Williams, well done
Join us next week for some more swell fun

Oh please believe
No one in the game can see S P
It's obvious that he
Is the D (yuh) O P E S T

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