Kid Cudi

"Rainy Days"

[Verse 1]
I hate when it rains, all I really do is sit on my ass
Thinking of the next scheme just to double my cash
If I ain't thinking about cash, n*gga I'm thinking bout' life
Making a change, no winners do the same sh*t twice
Rainy days are a pain, felt the rush through my veins
Can't go to sleep, somebody's looking through my window pane
Mane, I swear I'm gon' catch em'
But maybe I'm trippin' like Scarface
My mind's playing tricks on me homie
When it rains, sh*t, I just wanna know where Do' is
Is he safe, warm and out the elements?
Mommy let him come home
I think a n*gga done doing wrong
I get scared of the day when his soul will be gone
It's spoken words to thoughts. never been spittin' in vain
It seems the only way to sunshine is through the hard rain
I need to find a path leading to change, ask God if he feels my pain
That please won't you stop the rain

Please stop the rain
Ask God if he feels my pain
Please stop the rain
Please stop the rain
Ask God if he feels my pain
Please stop the rain

[Verse 2]
Grey clouds started forming
Gathered around my father's homecoming
When his soul on this earth was summoned
I remember a white church
And my lips had a salty taste
From the tears runnin' down my face
Can't erase the hurt
Watchin' my father's body lowered in dirt
My uncle and cousin passed too
What's life worth?
If it rained sometimes I would just sit there and cry
At recess, didn't wanna play
I just wished I would die
Things rushed through my head back when I was eleven
Praying and hoping that my dad had made it to heaven
It was hard being the youngest
And no one helped me
Everybody seemed happy
And no one felt me
But regardless of the fact
I did the best that I can
Making the transition from boy straight to a grown man
But understand, I felt the shame
And I feel the same, that God just needs
To stop the rain

Please stop the rain
Ask God if he feels my pain
Please stop the rain
Please stop the rain
Ask God if he feels my pain
Please stop the rain

[Verse 3]
Back then I was young
Now I'm grown here to fend on my own
I'm speaking and bringing the truth through this lyrical poem
And it's hard cause these n*ggas can't see
Open up your eyes you can recognize me
I felt the rain like every other n*gga did
n*gga always slip and stand up so I slid
It's part of the life while every thing seems trife
And everything wrong very well may be right
It's just confusing and some people can't handle
Their mind breaks down, and their hearts start to dismantle
But I'm that boy to use the hand of evil dreams
God realize that this life is way more then it seems
It's just something you learn on the daily as your mind matures
Can't ruin the life with a heart so pure
And since I realize that things won't change
God you can keep with the same
Cause Im'a just deal with the rain

Im'a deal with the rain
Tell God just to leave it the same
Im'a deal with the rain (x4)

Rainy days
Okay, why's that?
Yeah in Cleveland, it rains
Not all the time but
To a kid who wants to go out and play
It seems like it rains every day
Kids expect it to rain sometimes but
For one kid it rained too much

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