Waylon Jennings

"High Ridin’ Heroes"

[Verse 1]
Daylight or midnight
Red eyes and that old hat
Whiskey-spent and busted flat
And a credit to his flaws
He's a bad risk and a good friend
Small change and loose ends
And he only regrets that he might've been
A little faster on the draw

Hey, those old high ridin' heroes
They're anywhere the wind blows
He's been to hell and Texas
And he knows how it feels
To be ridin' that hot streak
Drunk on some back street
Fallin' off the wagon
And under the wheels

[Verse 2]
Time was when he was king
Now the rodeo's just an old man's dream
The highs are few and far between
The lows get the rest
But these old hard times ain't nothin' new
Once you've done the best you can do
You just tip your hat to the wild and blue
Ride off to the west
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