Faith Evans

"Love You More"


Give me the reason to love you
And I want to love you more (X2)

[Verse 1]

Home alone, seeing you on my phone screen
You lookin' fresher than when I make my clothes clean
Need some time for myself, might just go a while
In love with everything you post on your profile
I admit that I don't wanna be that cliche
But I know you love the games that we play
And if I can speak casually
It's always you that I'm seeing in my fantasies

People call me a simp, 'cause I wanna mingle
They just do it 'cause they're lonely and single
It wouldn't be enough for us to be friends
Flirty messages I leave in your DMs
Hopin' deep down you don't have a boyfriend
At the same time, hopin' I'm no annoyance
You make my days feel a little less mundane
I hope that you will be mine, one day

Give me the reason to love you (baby, give me)
And I want to love you more, oh oh
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