"Icy Shady"

[ Chorus ]

Bree my name don’t give no f*ck bout a n*gga
Big YouTube channel these hoes tryna diss me
Poppin on the grams hoes ain’t got nothing on me
Flexing with ma cheques yes b*tch you degrading
Same group of hating b*tches haha to my pictures
Take another selfie then I send to your n*gguhh?
Talking bout my weave, but you can’t do better
Pause at the stop signs, I’m leaving with your n*gga
Ion got time for you fake ass hoes
Talking online with your fake ass pros
Poppin this cheques with this real ass clothes
Your man in my dm and he keep it on the low

Act up he gon get snatch up (x3)
Dirty ass hoes lil girl you need to act up


I be flexing on these hoes but
Damn boo you went locally
And I went internationally and now you tryna be with me
But I don’t play monopoly
Friending with the enemy
f*ck You and Penelope


You b*tches weak, is you serious talking on a group chat
Even if it all day f*cking up a b*tch day but
All you do is pass straight
Even on the gram bae
You don’t want it that way
Execute that wave, you trynna ride my Wave talking bout my rap game
Trynna make me feel a way

But your lil sis wanna act like me
Your own n*gga wanna switch to me

Hood rat, your pus*yfeet ain’t a1
f*cking up his tonestile on a daily basis
Be making money three ways, ain’t from No group chat, neither from a booklet Pass me your man back


Act up he gon get snatch up (x3)
Dirty ass hoes lil girl you need to back up


Oh wait, you tryna c*m back hoe
Oh no I don’t want your friendship hoe
Oh wait he only do basic chic mhmm
He can’t handle no bad b*tch
This pus*y ain’t average n*ggas that I f*cked with my say my pus*y savage Ringing down my phone now he wanna talk marriage
n*ggas tryna wife me cause I’m so icy
Got your n*gga with me
Even on the daily and he acting shady
Come collect ya baby????

[ END ]

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