Juicy lyrics



Hmm, Busy wit' it
(Hmm hm hm)
I'm outside if you are
(lemme mm mm ah)

Makin' stacks an now I'm ballin'
(Ballin' ballin')
You can get it how you want it hey
(Want it hey)
I'm just stuck up in the moment
(The moment)
I'll be right back in the morning hey

[Verse 1]
Tell me (tell me tell me) How you want it, yeah?
(How want it?)
Can't tell me you ain't tried to just confront it yeah?
(Just confront it yeah)
That sh*t ain't word to mouth don't believe it yet
(Don't believe it yet)
Might have to do a roundabout just to keep it yeah
Doin what I can and don't do nothin' else
I keep it on my lap don't like it on my belt
Gotta bad b*tch out the sticks an' she can have my wealth

[Verse 2]
Bad b*tch
I watched you schoolin' now you savage
(Now you savage)
Hope you know a lot of sh*t has happened
(Just happened yeah)
I'm so glad im f*ckin' happy
Anything you f*ckin' want girl you can have it
(You can have it all)
I need a dose girl I'm an addict
(I'm an addict)
You know i can't go far without you
All of this money girl how bout' it?
(How bout it? How bout it?)
Say what I want
Say what I
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