"Diss track on person"

I ain’t tryna diss you
I just wanna know the issue
I got some sh*t on my mind

[Verse 1]
First off, this song, meant to be tooken wrong
Bad intentions and all, don't want the problem resolved
Heard it was you I'm like nah not my dawg
Went to school together Took the bus and all
Back of flashin cars, tryna be a boss
Tryna fit in with the hustlers, they told us run along
Tryna learn to shoot dice, got my bike stolen dawg
You still wanna gang bang, ride deep in cars
Til I see the n*gga wrong hat, now it’s head off
Picked up a notepad, bet you gon do the same
Looked down the sh*t I saw now, I don’t look at sh*t the same
Now how am I to blame for you choosin a life in made?
n*gga you a man too, why you mad at me?
Same gravity hold you down, that’s embarrassing
Your comments was hilarious, not even congratulations
Told n*ggas we’re related, even when I made it
Had nothing but good things to say about you even though you still hate it
I know you think ‘cause this fame I’m probably jaded
Ain’t get a chance to see yo daughter, tell her happy belated
For me, I don’t care if that car lease, you in it you own it
And that’s all me, being smart don’t mean cheap
You could take a life sitting in the driver’s seat
Take your shades off, I’m like
(Remember me?)
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