"School Diss Track"


Diss tracks, I'ma diss you, I'ma diss that
All my songs come with four bars, like a Kit-Kat
Nobody gon' stop me for my vids, that's facts
Weight up on my shoulders, I don't need a backpack
Tryna cut me off? Well, you better backtrack
I be blowing everybody up like it's Mad Max
I ain't tryna be like 21, that's blackjack
I do math facts, leave it up, wrap it, that's that
Sike! Nobody gonna stop me
I'm the king of this, ooh (King of this)
Listen to my track like, how you think of this? Ooh (Think of this)
My bars are titanic, yeah, they sinking this, ooh (Sinking this!)
Huh, 2018 (Woo!)
I think my whole life is a daydream, uh (Daydream)
Yeah, I'm popping off (True)
But you know I'm never going mainstream, ooh (Never!)
Recycle all my bars, I gotta stay green (Stay green)
I am the solution, like I'm saline, heh
Evеrybody always want to diss me, uh (Oh)
Got you second-guessing likе maybe not, ooh
I go to the top
Call me Jack Black, I'm the School of Rock, ooh
I am dope and you are not
Seven hundred K like, who would'a thought? (b*tch!)
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