Que_Rob Diss Track lyrics


Tyler, The Creator

Que Rob, I’ll twist your nipples like a Doorknob
I do this sh*t for free, I don’t have a job
This is how Serenity sucks c*ck (plays lego marvel venom sounds)
That’s also Sarah on your c*ck
f*cking loser you mad and sh*t
But f*ck it man just listen to this diss
f*ck no kiss and I’ll take a p*ss on your grandma’s front porch
I’ll take your ass to court
You sound like you’re choking
Which side on you on the bois or loser moment
And I just saying
Go suck a di*k since you’re a f*cking faggot
Looking like a maggot
Smelling rotten
Got a baby face call that sh*t a baby moment
Such a f*cking girl, post a message then delete it like a f*cking pus*y
You acting sussy, you said you doing homework but you ain’t really busy
f*cking n*gga, got a small di*k and my di*k is bigger
Probably can’t satsify anyone besides Sarah
Saying that I’m mad like you’re the onе I’m annoyed of
But you left the sour sеrver only because we muted ya

f*cking b*tch
Que Rob, f*ck off you f*cking n*gga
You f*cking piece of sh*t
I don't like n*ggers
I don't like Que Rob
I don't like n*ggers
I don't like Que Rob
I don't like n*ggers
I don't like Que Rob
Now f*ck off
Take a f*cking bite of my c*ck n*gga
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