Oldie Remix lyrics


Tyler, The Creator


Woke up in the morning smelling my own ass
Hella gas
I got robbed I lost everything I had
Two retarded fellas with some drug dealas
Goat f*ckas
Imma go look for them n*ggas
Fat b*tch looking like a dinosaur
Give that b*tch a tour around the gym
Now go have fun there you whore and watch Pacific Rim
How many n*ggers are in my store
Some weird ass faggot stole my phone
So I beat his ass up with a knife and a comb
Give me a contract
I’ll tear it up and make it subtract
You and I contrast
This isn’t abstract
f*cking wheelchair n*gga run over my foot so I had to beat his ass
Shout out my boy SourPatchKid & Porkcake
But f*ck Que_Rob tho because I love to hate
I hate math f*ck a unit ratе
I love to sex, it’s evеn better when it’s f*cking rape
And I’ll hang a faggot with a measuring tape
Imma end the song here
This is my last song you hear
Don’t be a queer
And faggots don’t come near
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