Tyler, The Creator

[INTRO: Zach Rose]

Hear me out
Gian Benedetti out here
(let's go)

[VERSE: Zach Rose]

I've been taking Ls
Now I want a f*cking double v
Drip, drip, that's all I see
Maybe it's time to let it be
I'm buzzing like a f*cking bee
Integra lookin like bumblebee
Roof is lettin' my hair be
Passenger seat that's just for she
My skin shining
I rub some lotion
Y'all b*tches stopping
Benedetti always on motion
You should watch her
You should have caution
Cus if you don't, imma get her new emotions

[VERSE: Zach Rose]
I ain't got no ceiling
I don't have a problem
For that ass, I'll be third wheeling
I bike but I'm not one wheeling
Imagine that V12 and we both front seating
In a convertible with the sun beamin
Skin shining, b*tch I feel like I'm winning
You and I baby, we both can be living
Cut him off, our trip can be thrilling

[OUTRO: Zach Rose, Tyler, The Creator]

You know, I'm just saying baby
We can hang out to some fine places
Think about it, take your time... cus I ain't rushing
It's G
Call me if you get lost, baby
(call me if you lost)
(call me if you lost)
(call me if you lost)
(call me if you lost)
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