Hey You (Version 2) lyrics


Tyler, The Creator

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
Hey, you (Hey, you!)
Looking good in that skirt
Flirting is the effective way that this works
Bingo, shapow, how about we go
Down to the lake and eat a couple of Pringles?
Picnic by the way, hey, I’m single
Pardon my bad manners, French and lingo
Intentions were (My intentions were) brighter than the summer
Reflection in the lake being seen by Stevie
You're a golden lady and it seems that me and you
We’re supposed to be the ozone team but who
Would have thought this conversation would have grew
Into me talking about sun rays with you
I’m turning to a creep, that just won’t sleep
Next sex, that's cause you used to that kind of poo
See I'm the new sh*t in town
Lets mash together and make new browns
How that sound?

[Hook: Tyler, The Creator]
Hey, sh*t, it sounds cool to me
It sounds cool to me
Um, it sounds cool to me
It sounds cool to me
It sounds cool to me
It sounds cool to me
Baby girl, that sh*t sounds cool to me
sh*t sounds cool to me, yeah

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Hey, hey you
Looking good in that blouse
Can I put electrical tape over your mouth?
Hold still, princess, that pocket knife was real
Questing, bloody murder, don't be a buzzkill
Think quick: how can I clean up the blood spills?
Time to go to sleep, b*tch, swallow these dozen pills
'Tention was (My intention was) thick enough to slice up
But since it isn't tangible, I'm choosing you to dice up
You're a pretty lady and it seems that you and me
Was 'posed to go on dates, maybe two or three
Who would've thought that you making a fool out of me
Would turn into your sad eulogy?
It's time to scratch my itch, shut your trap, b*tch
Turn around, bend over, see if you reject this di*k
My, you're a jumpy [?]
The less you move, the less the pain, what's my name?
[Hook: Danny!]
Yeah, this feels good to me
This feels good to me
Um, this feels good to me
This feels good to me
Yeah, this feels good to me
It feels good to me
Baby girl, this sh*t feel good to you?
'Cause it feels good to me

[Outro: Danny!]
C'mon Danny! sh*t!
Yo Danny, c'mon man!
Chill, yo!
It's an analogy, I swear!
It's, it's an analogy!
I'm, I'm, it's a metaphor
I'm rapin-, I'm raping the music industry!
Seriously! Ay, come on guys!
Aw, sh*t
Ugh, sweet lord
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