Riot* lyrics


Tyler, The Creator

Lyrics from Snippet

[Chorus: A$AP Rocky]
I might start a riot, mm
Opposite of quiet, yeah, yeah
pus*y n*gga diet, how 'bout you try it, try it?
I might start a riot
Opposite of quiet
pus*y n*gga diet, yeah, how 'bout you try it?
I don't buy it, ayy
I just called designers up, I fuel ninety-nine it, uh
Called yo' baby mama up, hit 'bout ninety-nine it, yeah
I just bought designer kicks, yeah, I bought 'em private
I just put some VVs on my wrist with lime green piping
She mighty exotic, she half e-erotic
The status, he got it
Got tats on my body, her body hypnotic
She [?]...
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