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Tyler, The Creator

[Verse 1}
Came to screw up the game and then save it like a floppy disk
No drivers license yet but my drive, they'll try to copy it
Fore I cleaned my act up teachers used to say I was wilding
Cause my attention span is shorter than those snakes out of Ireland
But I don't need to pay no effort for my grades to be passing
So like Marie Curie we gonna get the radio active
Waiting for them plaques to hang up on my basement wall
Aching to spit facts, no paper involvеd
But it will be, till the revеnue streams taper in fall
Still dropping ye and Yandhi they'll probably get me on par with swami season
Summer come and go so quick you likely missed it
My songs bop, don't get it twisted
I'm the greatest one creating the covers, you know I am not them
Don't compare me to others, save that for your top 10
Hand me a 9 and I'll defeat wack rappers, casualties racking up
8 figures on my future self really stacking
I been slaving since 7th grade on the music
Health no longer a concern, flow already sick
So in Toronto ima be carefree like Mick Jenkins off the vibes
Say I'm a trash acapella copy, call me Digimon MacGyver
You should tell that to my fans, 5 digits on the subscribers
Writing this before bees and buds hit 300K
I come second to SQUALAY, 1 is Tyler, the Hero
Kept my chops way up since I was getting piles of zeros
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