Hot air lyrics


Tyler, The Creator

[Verse 1]
Can't be, C note leaning back on the boat and eating scampi Whenever I show up, it's a stampede
Fans be hyped just to hear the voice of the man speak
My turnout's on point and no, I ain't talkin' bout dance feet
Plan B, I'm more advanced than my classmates
AdSense better give me more than my last rate
But my fallback is being an engineer, to applicate
It's taking more steps than Dorothy's yellow pathways
Call me Mizkif, I got them essays/(SA's) covered
And them drugs got you you mental likе it's MK ULTRA, damn
Woozing out on them jet planes, a gorgеously set frame
That's soon to the an everyday experience
Your words so sickening, got my head delirious
Curved sickles leaving your waist Ped like periods, yah

[Verse 2]
I always turn up late, so please excuse my tardiness
Y'all never wait, live life fast, matter how hard it gets
Even feed the streets, just to garner respect
Lyrical potato, I'll peel your face just like Harvey Dent
Labels giving you WNBA player bags
Nobody watching but advance got you an AP to brag
Even fake streams just to bolster appearances
And more figures to speak about when quoting your lyrics
Then offer surface level complaints bout the feds
And that's all for intelligence
I got rapper heads cooking on all four elements
Feel like Aang when I attack
Take that hot air early then reverse it and throw it back
Beat breaks?
Yeah, I shredded through em
Gotta shoutout Swami I'm indebted to him
But in 7 years, who the legend really?
When Steppers premiered, it was dead and buried
Still, no shade like the leaf of a palm tree
Neen living the same, just with stresses that's on me
Yet the pressures since birth created diamond
The specimen that was destined when Earth came up with rhyming
I'm ghost
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