Analog (V1) lyrics


Tyler, The Creator

[Verse 1: Hodgy]
I'm give it to her, she want that summer time
I'm give it like no other 'cause she know I'm hers
Damn right, she's mine, we both know it
So when we separate everything fine, her phone ringin' in her purse
Damn right, it's me, I'm her n*gga, n*gga
Come for mines in summer time, I'ma bust that trigger, n*gga (Hahaha)
Catch us Venice beachin', she wanna go shopping
Sun down after club 'cause she like to get it popping
Sangria on my freedmind, 'cause she likes to get it popping
No ecstasy for her, but she wanna get it popping
Drop topping, I measure her pleasure
Then drop in, when she get out of place I quantinize
She is my concubine, I am her porcupine
I poke her face her throat for taste, give me head like I'm on her mind
I know her analyzation, so when she try to fake
Summer time in the boat of love, meet me by the lake

[Verse 2: Hodgy]
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